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Are you a HDB owners for at least 5 years and with a household income of >$8000 ?

If you are, GOOD NEWS ! You are one step closer to upgrade into the HOME OF YOUR DREAM !

Here's How You Can Make use of a TESTED AND PROVEN ASSET FRAMEWORK that has successfully help 100+ families like you successfully upgrade to their Dream private properties…

Some even manage to create a SIX figure reserve funds and no worries in the monthly mortgage for the next 5-8 Years !


Mr & Mrs Teo : Proud owners of a Beautiful New Condo

Thank you for making time to share and helping us find the right property and using it as an investment tool to help us advance our saving for retirement.

We are happy with your service that allow us to have a good pool of reserved funds and at the same time able to upgrade to a private property without touching on our saving for a good 3-5years at least.

. We hope to progress to the buying of a 2nd property in time to come and we will definitely engage Ur service. Looking forward to Move into our new condo soon !

In fact, Mr & Mrs Teo falls into the same category as 90% of clients that I met whom have not think about upgrading.

“ Really can upgrade? “

Many HDB owners BELIEVE that they do not have the resources and means to upgrade to a private property without assessing their portfolio…



Untitled design-23.png

3 most common thoughts when its come to upgrading


“we can not afford it, upgrade to condo is only for the rich “


“upgrading needs a lot of upfront cash “


“I am happy with my HDB, I don’t see a need to upgrade”

- The SAD Truth is….. Most HDB owners has the resources and have met the criteria for a RISK FREE upgrade but SIMPLY unaware of it ! 

This is why I spent the last 12 years crafting “The Home Run Asset Framework” !

All I want is for my clients to understand that not only they can upgrade, they can do it safely and comfortably…

Below are some HDB owners whom have benefit from the Asset Framework


“ I was stucked at a stage where I am at a crossroad on how to manage my finances. I approach Lucas from recommendation of my peers. He opened my eyes by calculating out, How i could actually own a condo and turn it into both an investment and a passive income. As someone who knows nothing about the property landscape, he patiently advice and work out various scenarios giving me a better insight of what future i would want. Kudos

This is what you and your family can look forward to in this property upgrading journey !

Untitled design-25.png

Financial Security for your Retirement

Double to Triple your retirement funds

Untitled design-26.png

Profit from Property

Own a property that grows in value as you stay in it!

Untitled design-27.png

Access to better Facilities

For your family and kids

You must be wondering… How did some of the people around manage to upgrade even though they have a similar portfolio like you ?

Careful planning + Detailed calculations + THE HOME RUN Asset framework will also allow you to do the same !

As long as your are a HDB owner for more than 5 years and have a household income of $8000!

So if you are a homeowner whom is stuck between whether you can or should upgrade in the immediate future,

Here’s what you will discover in this
1-1 Consultation

The X-Value of your current property and unique marketing strategy to maximise profit !

How to identify BMP(Below-market-property) to avoid paying all time high price in turn maximise profit when you sell !

An Exit plan for your next property customised to your needs ! Don’t enter without an exit plan !!

The Home Run ASSET FRAMEWORK that have help numerous average Singaporeans achieve their upgrading dreams !

Limited time only, this sharing session is 100% Free and no obligation. What have you got to lose right?

Simply fill in your details in the form below, and you will be receiving a call within 3 days for a discovery call !

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In this 15min discovery call, I will be gathering information before panning out your property journey and sharing your own customised Asset Framework that helps you leverage to the current property market !

Exclusively for HDB owners who are serious in upgrading,

So if you fulfil the below 3 requirements :

    1. HDB owner for more than 5 years
    2. Household income of $8000

3. Are interested in exploring your upgrading options in the immediate future

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Fill up this form and book your Personalised
1-1 Consulation now !

Meet Lucas Wang

Hi, My name is Lucas,
Associate Division Director of Propnex and Founder of The Home Run Being in the industry since 2010,
my focus of work has always been assisting HDB owners achieve their upgrading dreams. Helping over 300 clients in the last 12 years in their next property decisions.


In the past 12 years, I have lost count of families holding on to their hdb only to ….

1. Suffer Negative sale of up to $150,000 in their HDB

2. Property value drops

3. Missed their golden opportunity to upgrade

The worst part is, these families are not even aware that all these are happening to their asset !
- Holding onto your HDB is no longer the best option you can do with it - Analysis has shown that HDB sold 1-3 years after MOP makes the most profit, but the question is, what are you going to do with the profit? - Thats when I realised that I have to come up with a gameplay to help homeowners upgrade to private properties with their built in profit from HDB and of course within their financial means

- So HDB owners, this is what you MUST know before you leave this page.

- Most HDB owners doesn't see the NEED to upgrade their property within their financial means

- 9 out of 10 HDB owners aren’t clear about their eligibility to upgrade, If you are still reading, most likely you are one of them

- With all the information given to you in the 1-1 session, you can then decide for yourself on your property journey, you have nothing to lose, only knowledge to gain !

 So HDB owners, find out yourself and stop waiting….
You’re very close to owning your
dream property

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